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The Gilgit-Baltistan saga at DawnNews

Posted by Gilgit Tribune on September 18, 2009

9 Responses to “The Gilgit-Baltistan saga at DawnNews”

  1. Tawakal Ali Nabi said

    YAM to All

    this is my personaly request from the all the management of Geca that we have make this organization for only education and culture no politics so please our youth need a hostel,and also a finincial saports and different lectures for their better fature,so we dont need to guid our youth to involve in we know the preious ellecion in passu youth,so we dont need it this is my personal reques from all the active members of Geca.that is why the youth of gojal is not accepting this organization dont mind this is my personal suggasion for the management,

    Tawakal Ali
    Member Education

    • massod said

      i am surprised by mr tawakal,s respons and his philosiphies about education.
      firstl, i dont think so there is going on any political activities from the platform of GECA(which i think they should do). secondly if they do there is no harm in it.
      i think Mr tawakal is having a total wrong perception and a very narrow idea about education. i dont know why has he made segragation between politics and education. i dont know about his percepectives about education- i doubt he thinks acwuiring degree rather a piece of papre is what he call education. i m sorry you are toatlly misconstrued. politics is very much part of your education rather it is an integral part of your education.

      i feel sorry about such people who still are not ready to learn from their experiences. we have long been depoliticised directly or indirectly to such an extent that we have forgt about our basic social rights.

      it is a hight time now for our youth to get involve into politics in order to bring reform in the society. After all for how long will we be spoon feed by the NGOs.

      • saeed jan said

        i agreee with masood saab tawals arguments are baseless

        bt one point iz valid that it shoulf fokus on some particula feild of eduation

      • Qayyum said

        @ Masood,

        Could you please eloboarte your statment “After all for how long will we be spoon feed by the NGO”
        Which NGO feed whom and which NGO was against political activism?
        Please be precise !!!

  2. Tawakal Ali Nabi said

    i m not saying that politics is not a part of education. try to understand first,that i m saying that we need a hostel,scholarships,lactures,guidelines for students,because as you know betr that our students can not take a good desion for their bright future we need to guide the we dont go in politics as u knw btr the peoples who are in politcs.
    and also see our past and the condition of last election in passu gojal youth,we are using polits in negative way,
    culture is the main thing in our society as u knw btr that our concept of culture is not on that way which was in past.all the goog habits were not see in our youth,we ant respect our elders,we cant help the poors,we cant respect our parents, so plz being an educated try to understand we need politcs or culture or education………………….???????

    • Yaze Jum said

      you are right tawakal. the first step should be for the benefit of students and youth in there education and for new professionals in there professional field.
      politics is important but not for students, its is for those who have completed there studies and they have alot of time to waste….

  3. Kaim Ali Khan said

    Yam All

    the concept of tawakal is good that we donot follow our culture…………………….? we need to improve our culture than politcs

  4. Amina said

    i m agree with tawakal, no one can respect the politations””””””””””””’

    • Masood said

      i am not saying to have a love affair with politicians but with politics.
      Politics is not anyones lagacy….i would not go into the detailes of what politics is but all i can say is that ….politics is all about how one lives in a society…..
      if any one want to escape from politics is also a politics.
      wake up all

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